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blocka - Blacklist everything by default.


The blocka plugin checks a Redis store on every query received. If no key is found matching the query name, the plugin returns NXDOMAIN to the client and publishes the name to a Redis PubSub channel.


If monitoring is enabled (via the prometheus directive) the following metric is exported:

  • coredns_blocka_request_count_total{server} - query count to the blocka plugin.
  • coredns_blocka_blocked_count_total{server} - number of queries blocked by blocka plugin.

The server label indicated which server handled the request, see the metrics plugin for details.


Add blocka to Corefile, with default options.

. {


In this configuration, run every query through blocka plugin, then DNS over TLS with Quad9, and cache.

. {
  blocka {
    address   localhost:6379
    prefix    blocka_
    password  ""
    DB        0
  forward . tls:// {
  cache 30

Also See

See the manual.