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Hamberry Pi

A Remote Linux Desktop for running Amateur Radio digital modes software on Raspberry Pi.



  • Raspberry Pi (tested on Pi 3) running a Linux distribution of your choice is required.
  • Docker - The desktop runs in a container. See the instructions here to get Docker installed and running under Raspbian. If your Pi is not running Raspbian, consult your distro’s documentation.
  • docker-compose - Hamberry uses Compose to build and run the desktop.


  1. Install the prerequisites.
  2. Edit Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml to make any necessary changes or include additional software.
  3. Choose a username: export HAMBERRY_USER=mycall
  4. Choose a password: export HAMBERRY_PASSWORD=hunter2
  5. Run Compose: docker-compose up -d

Logging In:

The Compose build may take some time to complete. To access the desktop, point your browser to https://<your-raspberry-pi-ip>:8443, log in with your chosen username and password, and enjoy!

Included Software:

  • Direwolf
  • Fldigi
  • GPredict
  • TrustedQSL
  • JTDX
  • xlog